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The Apparent Limits of Neuroscience & Consciousness Studies

Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 02:30 PM to 04:31 PM

Neuroscience is one of the amazing branches of contemporary science that has been on a relentless, breathtaking growth curve. Philosophy, since the 17th century, has been on a circuitous route in articulating an array of theories regarding the components of reality for such things as: minds, bodies, thoughts, dreams, brains etc. However, both neuroscientists and
philosophers remain perplexed over how these different “things” relate to each other particularly in our case, the case of Homo sapiens.
We will discuss the contemporary abandonment of Substance Dualism, (the view that there are both minds and bodies) and the 20th/21st century rise of Qualia/Epiphenomenalism, Eliminative Materialism and Mysterianism. Our goal will be Socrates’s goal, to know thyself. Our discussion will hopefully solve this problem of brains and mental phenomena for today’s neuroscientists and philosophers.

Our Speaker: Joe White is Professor Emeritus and
former chair of the Santa Barbara City College
Department of Philosophy. He was selected as the SBCC
Faculty Lecturer and in 2015 he was nominated as
United States Professor of the Year. He has edited four
editions of his Philosophy textbook, Adventures on the
Frontier of Ignorance. He has published an anthology in Political Philosophy, Assent/Dissent. He
wrote the study guide for the PBS philosophy series, The Examined Life.


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